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Churn script tag

Place this script tag just before the end of your page </body> :

<script async src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

ACCESS_TOKEN: security access token for your organization.

CLIENT_ID:  unique identifier of the user/client you want to track for churn risk.

EMAIL_FOR_ALERT: email address to send the automated alert of risk for this client

RISK_LEVEL: from this number up the alert will be triggered. For example level 2 includes level 3.

URI/ACTION: (optional) commonly is the URI, but can be any identifier of actions or functionality that is being use by the client, for example: search, createEvent, deleteEvent, invite, etc…

CALLBACK_URL: (optional) url that will be called at the end of calculating the risk. To this call the following parameters will be added to the query string.


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